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The man doing sealing off cracks around a window at Euless, TX

Avoid Delays, Avoid Foundation Problems

Some foundation damage occurs over a long period of time and doesn’t necessarily present an immediate risk to your home. However, postponing repairs only allows damage to become worse and can result in catastrophic failure of your home’s structural integrity. If your home is showing signs of foundation damage, it is important to act quickly and contact us.

Signs of Damage

By the time you begin to notice signs of foundation damage, such as doors not quite fitting within their frames or cracks near your windows, your foundation is already weakened, as is your home’s structure. Expansive soil, or soil that changes depending upon drought or moisture conditions, presents a further risk because it can cause your foundation to continue moving.

Minor Repairs

On the most minor end of the scale, homeowners face extensive interior repairs, such as replacement of doorframes, window installations, and drywall. Exterior cracks in brickwork may also be in need of repairs.

Major Repairs

If your foundation has settled, slow leaks and burst pipes can occur in your plumbing system due to strain. A major plumbing leak can cause severe damage to your home and can actually make foundation problems worse. If your foundation is severely weakened, an entire area of your property can collapse. If this occurs, extensive rebuilding is often required.

Homeowners should not delay foundation repairs when they know that they have an issue. Repairs are more effective when foundation problems are caught early, and severe foundation problems may necessitate more extensive measures. Avoid severe foundation issues by contacting Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. at 972-484-1200 to schedule an inspection. We can identify and correct these problems immediately, so you can rest easy knowing that your home will continue to stand for years to come.