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Drought Quick Facts

Drought causes the soil around your home to pull away from your foundation, putting your home’s structure at risk. Homes built on clay soil are at the highest risk because this type of soil expands and contracts significantly with changes in temperature and moisture. Watering your foundation provides the soil around your home with the moisture it needs to prevent a recession. Purchase a soaker hose from a garden or home supply store and set the hose around the perimeter of your home. Leave at least a foot between the hose and your foundation, as watering too close to the foundation will cause flooding and damage. Run the water for about fifteen minutes twice a day approximately two or three days a week. Periodically inspect your foundation to check for areas where the soil has pulled away. If these areas are shrinking, you are providing adequate moisture. If the divide is growing, you should water more often.

Do you have more questions about protecting or repairing your home’s foundation during the Texas drought? Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. has the expertise you need to protect your home. Click on our web contact form or call 972-484-1200 to reach us.