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How Droughts Affect Buildings

Though mild Texas weather usually leaves residents with few complaints, recent months have changed that-Texas has been experiencing severe drought conditions for most of this year. The severe lack of rain has caused a number of problems, including dying plants, water shortages, and more. But one of the most serious problems caused by the drought is damage to homes, buildings, and infrastructures throughout the state. Take a look at how droughts affect buildings and what you can do to protect your home:

  • Texas is known for its extremely expansive soil, which is primarily composed of clay. As water is drained from and introduced to the soil, it shrinks and swells around homes and buildings, causing uneven settling and foundation damage. Although severe foundation damage may not become obvious right away, signs of developing foundation problems include cracks throughout the foundation and home, damaged pipes and sidewalks, and misaligned door and window frames.
  • The recent drought has exacerbated this problem because of a severe lack of moisture, which causes soil to recede from the foundation. The problem is so severe that the demand for foundation repair services has increased dramatically. Better Business Bureau offices around the state of Texas have reported a 75% increase in requests for information on foundation repair services.
  • Protecting your home from foundation damage can be difficult during these dry conditions, but there some steps you can take to mitigate the effects of expansive soil. Irrigate the perimeter of your home using a soaker hose, watering all areas of your home evenly. Also, remember to regularly inspect your home’s foundation for signs of damage. If your foundation’s condition worsens over several months, call a foundation repair specialist right away.

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. specializes in all types of foundation repair and drainage correction services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. Call 972-484-1200 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation today.