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Expansive soil is one of your foundation’s worst enemies. Controlling this kind of soil is imperative if you want to prevent costly damage to your home’s structure. If you live in a region with expansive soil, here is what you need to know about maintaining your property and keeping your foundation intact.

What Is Expansive Soil?

Expansive soil is soil that reacts to changes in water levels. When there is little water in the soil, it contracts; when there is an abundance of water, it expands. This constant change in the soil can take a toll on your foundation. With the soil continually changing the amount of pressure put on your foundation, cracks and shifts can occur. Hardscape features around your property can also be affected. Expansive soil can be found in many different regions and is sometimes called shrink-swelling soil, swelling soils, adobe, clay, or caliche.

Can I Control the Expansion?

Looking for ways to minimize soil expansion is the first level of defense for your foundation. Ensure that your rain gutters are clear and that the water drains away from the home. Planting trees 10 feet or more away from the home will help draw water away. It is also possible to remove all of the soil within five feet of the home and replace it in layers mixed with lime to discourage expansion.

How Can I Protect My Foundation?

Since it is impossible to completely eradicate soil expansion, your foundation needs additional support. A concrete apron with a moisture barrier sheet that extends three to five feet from your foundation is an ideal way to protect it from water. Plastic and rubber aprons can also help. Talk to a foundation repair company for advice on keeping yours in good condition.

Whether you’re trying to prevent expansive soil from damaging your foundation or have repairs that need to be made, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can help. We can correct drainage problems and help keep your foundation in good condition. Call us at 972-484-1200 and let our team of experts recommend the right foundation solutions for your property.