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Expansive soil

Common Question About Foundation Problems

Buying a home is the greatest investment you’ll ever make, so it’s vital to make sure the structure is as stable and structurally sound as possible. Unfortunately for many Dallas-area residents, this isn’t as simple as inspecting the way the home was built. Expansive soil is a serious issue affecting homes and buildings throughout North Texas. Take a closer look at what expansive soil is and how it can affect your home’s foundation:

  • What is expansive soil? As its name suggests, expansive soil is able to increase dramatically in volume. Expansion occurs because of increased moisture content—as water is introduced, expansive soils can increase their volume by 10% or more. Expansive soil can also shrink very quickly as water content diminishes.
  • How does expansive soil affect your home? As you can imagine, constant changes in the volume of soil under your slab foundation can cause uneven shifting and settling. This can lead to cracks throughout your home, as well as sticking doors and windows.
  • How can expansive soil be identified? There are a number of different ways to identify soil and foundation issues. First, examine the soil around your foundation; if you notice cracks in the soil that disappear when it rains, and then reappear a few days later, then or if it appears that the soil is swelling up around your foundation you probably have expansive soil.

To minimize or repair foundation damage, reinforcing your home’s foundation may be necessary. To learn more about foundation repair services, contact Structured Foundation Repairs. We specialize in a wide variety of foundation repair services, including pier and beam repairs, drainage correction, and mudjacking. Visit us online or call 972-484-1200 for more information.