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Crack in brick wall

Signs that your home has a foundation problem may manifest indoors and outdoors. Recognizing these signs and calling in a professional to repair your foundation can save your home from further damage. Indoor indications of foundation problems include uneven or sloping floors, doors and windows that stick or will not close completely, and cabinets that appear uneven or show gaps. You may also notice cracks or leaks around your fireplace and at the corners of windows and doors. Exterior signs of home foundation problems include gaps between your garage door and the pavement on either side, cracks in your bricks, mortar, and exposed grade beam, and gaps at the corner of your home’s fascia trim. The exterior of your home around doors and windows may also show cracks, particularly at the corners.

If you notice signs of a foundation problem, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can help. We offer free building evaluations in addition to foundation repair and drainage correction for both residential and commercial buildings. Contact us by calling 972-484-1200 or clicking on our website to enlist the help of a professional today!