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The man checking the drainage system in Euless, TX
Foundation repair is an involved process that requires your contractor to dig around part of your home. In order to access the portions of your foundation that need care, extensive digging may be necessary. A quality repair specialist, though, will do everything he or she can to maintain the integrity of your landscaping during this process.

BEFORE: Clear the Area

If your property requires drainage correction, you may need to relocate planted foliage. Before repairs take place, you should clear as much of the area around the perimeter of your home as possible. Move plants in containers and patio furniture out of the way to allow your contractor the best access possible.

DURING: Expect Potential Plumbing Repairs

If your foundation slab heaves or settles, your plumbing may be affected. This means that your plumbing system may require repairs as well. Many quality foundation repair companies have contacts with master plumbers who can assist during the foundation repair.

AFTER: Wait to See If Drywall Cracks Develop

Homes with drywall construction can experience new cracks during the repair. Because a foundation repair moves the home back into its original position, new cracks can form from where the home settles. Drywall cracks are typically easily repaired. It is a good idea to wait four to six weeks after your home has been lifted back into place before repairing any cracks in mortar or brickwork. This allows the walls to settle into their new positions.

You should always be sure to choose a quality foundation repair contractor-he or she can ensure that your home is readily livable following repairs. For more information about the foundation repair process, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. at 972-484-1200. You can also visit our website to learn more about our services.

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. inspects and repairs house foundations. We have years of industry experience, provide dependable service, and are dedicated to pleasing our valued customers. For more information about our company, dial 972-484-1200.