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weather forecast

You need a firm and secure foundation to support your Fort Worth home. That’s why repair-conscious homeowners do their best to protect their base from intense weather conditions. This overview of weather-related foundation damage reveals the risks that extreme climates can bring to your home.

Severe Rain

Precipitation from rainwater typically washes away from your home without causing foundation damage. However, heavy rains allow large volumes of rainwater to pool near your home. With time, this pooling water will seep beneath the soil and infiltrate the foundation that lies several feet beneath the surface. Moisture has devastating effects on a foundation, and heavy exposure to rainwater can sink your household. As a result, most yards are designed with a natural slope to lead moisture away from the home. The heaviest storms, however, maybe too much for sloping alone to handle—contact a repair professional immediately if you notice water leaks.

Harsh Droughts

Heavy rain isn’t the only weather condition that can threaten your foundation. The hot, arid days that are common during the summer months can cause problems as well. The clay-rich soil beneath your home releases and absorbs moisture with ease. As a result, high temperatures can dry out the dirt and cause the soil surrounding your foundation to become unstable. The risks of foundation settling rise significantly when nearby soil is moisture-free. Thankfully, professional foundation repair specialists have techniques for keeping soil moisture at a safe level. In addition, routine maintenance checks can help ensure that your foundation is always in great shape.

Contact a professional immediately if extreme weather is causing your foundation to settle. Foundation repair and drainage correction from Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. protects your home from common weather problems. Contact us at 972-484-1200 to make sure your home stays safe and stable.heavy rains