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Dry soil in hand

Across the country, drought is leading to dry soil conditions. Dry soil poses a threat to your foundation. As the soil dries out, it shrinks and pulls away from your home. Without the support of the surrounding soil, your foundation settles deeper into the ground. Uneven settling causes foundation cracks and many other conditions that damage your home. Floors may become slanted as one portion of the foundation sinks relative to other areas. Doors and windows stick or develop cracks along with the corners of their frames due to shearing forces. Large cracks can form in your basement or along the façade of your home, allowing moisture or pests to enter. If you find signs of foundation damage in your home caused by the drought, contact a foundation repair company for an assessment and to discuss your repair options.

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. offers repairs for slab and pier and beam foundations throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Areas. Don’t let dry soil allow your home to settle—call us today at 972-484-1200 for solutions to foundation and drainage problems. Visit us on the web to learn more about our dedication to providing excellent customer service.