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The heavy crack on foundation wall at Euless, TX

If you aren’t sure whether your foundation could need repairs, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. for a home inspection through our website to learn more about our foundation repair service in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Measure Door and Window Gaps

Doors and windows that no longer fit properly into their frames signal a foundation issue. Look for areas where the door does not fit snugly into its frame. If you find gaps, measure them and make note of their size. While a gap of a few millimeters is not a sign to cause for concern, a larger gap or a gap that continues to grow with time means you should have a repair service to assess your foundation. In addition to gaps in doorways, check the outside corners of your window frames for cracks. Cracks in these areas that grow over time are also a sign of continued settling.

Monitor Cracks

Cracks due to foundation settling can often be seen both inside and outside the home. If you have a brick façade, examine the outside of your home for cracks in the mortar. Foundation settling often causes cracks to appear in a staircase formation along the mortar lines. Measure these cracks on a regular basis. Any crack with a width larger than half an inch is cause for concern. Additionally, check your basement or crawlspace if you have one for cracks in the concrete walls. Vertical cracks are a significant cause for concern and should be brought to the attention of a foundation expert immediately.

The Texas drought continues to cause home settling and foundation issues as it continues into its third year. If you are concerned about your home’s foundation, let Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. help. Contact us at 972-484-1200 or click through our website to learn more about our foundation repair service in Dallas and Fort Worth.