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Can Affect the Value of Your Home

Foundation problems can be devastating, causing a significant amount of damage to a home. In addition to being a safety hazard, however, a house that has serious foundation trouble can also lose its value tremendously.

By watching this short video, you’ll see how a severe water drought has caused one man’s home foundation to fail. In only a matter of weeks, this unfortunate individual’s house went from being normal to collapsing before his very eyes. An expert weighing in on the situation discusses the reasons for the failure and afterward explains why houses with foundation problems can depreciate in value by thousands of dollars.

Is your home’s foundation starting to have issues? If so, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. in Texas can repair it. We strongly believe in providing exceptional customer service and will do our utmost to ensure your experience with us is positive. For more information, call us today at972-484-1200.