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Dry soil in hand

The Relationship Between Soil and Building A Foundation

Most homeowners are chiefly concerned with the way their homes look on the inside and outside, and tend not to think much about the soil on which their homes are built. In fact, the type of soil surrounding your home could have a major impact on how well your home’s foundation performs in the future. Here’s a quick look at how soils and building foundations are related:

Shrinking and Swelling Soil

Though we tend to think of soil as fairly static, many types of soils have the potential to shrink and swell. Clay soil, for instance, is known to swell significantly whenever it’s saturated with water, and then shrink again when it’s dry. Though sandy soil doesn’t typically swell or shrink, it can erode very easily when faced with large flows of water.

Building Foundations

In order for your home to be structurally sound, its base needs to be completely flat and well-grounded. That’s why the foundation of your home is a flat, solid slab of concrete that apportions some of your home’s weight to the ground below. However, if the soil beneath your home’s foundation swells, shrinks, or erodes, your foundation may experience too much pressure. As your foundation loses its integrity, you may see cracks forming all-around your home.

How to Address Issues

The moment you suspect foundation problems, it’s essential that you call us. Though it may seem like shrinking and swelling soil may be a never-ending problem, the right team of experts can solve your foundation issue by installing steel or concrete pressed pilings.

Though foundation problems can be scary, they’re not unmanageable. If you suspect that your foundation is in bad shape, don’t hesitate to contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. After assessing the situation, our experts can solve your foundation woes after just one or two days of work. If you have any questions, call us today at 972-484-1200.