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Turning a door handle in a home in the Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX area.
Foundation Problem

Have you heard your house making noises or noticed your doors sticking? If so, there’s a possibility that your home’s foundation may be failing, which is caused by soil expanding and contracting around the building. Here are a few signs indicating that your Texas home may have a foundation problem:

House Making Noises

If your house is making noises, there’s a good chance that you have a foundation problem. Homes creak and groan when the soil shifts beneath the foundation, causing the foundation to move from side to side. Usually, these sounds can be heard better when there is no wind or noise outside the house.

Doors Jamming

A door getting stuck can be frustrating, especially if it won’t open. However, a sticking door can also indicate that a home’s foundation is failing. This problem occurs when movements of a house’s foundation cause door frames to become crooked. In some cases, because the door and the frame get misaligned with one another, it becomes difficult to open the door at all.

Walls Cracking

Wall cracks are an obvious sign that a foundation is compromised. While wall cracks usually take a while to form and grow larger, they can appear almost instantaneously if a foundation has shifted enough. If a wall crack is spotted, the best way to prevent further property damage is to have the foundation looked at and repaired by a professional.

Roof Leaking

There are many reasons why roofs leak. But homeowners usually do not think of an obvious cause of roof leaks: foundation problems. As foundations move back and forth, they can exert a tremendous amount of pressure on a house. Sometimes this force can cause roofs to crack or split, allowing water to leak through. Even if a roof is fully repaired, the shifting foundation will continue to cause roof leaks until it is fixed.

If you notice any of these issues occurring in your home, you should talk to a professional immediately. Structured Foundation Repairs can diagnose and repair any foundation problem quickly and effectively. To make an appointment with us, call 972-484-1200.