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Tom Kidd

Buyers Agent: Tom Kidd, can you tell us why we would even consider encouraging our clients to buy a house that needs foundation repairs or may already have had the repairs done opposed to being the one house on the block that has never needed repairs?

Tom Kidd (Owner, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc.): Some buyers are leery about purchasing a home that needs foundation repairs or has already had repairs. They mistakenly believe that they are buying a problem. This is backward logic. Most homes in north Texas will experience foundation problems at some point in the life of the structure. Consequently, buying a home that has had repairs already is a plus (assuming the repairs were done correctly) since someone else paid for the repairs. The same is true when purchasing a home that needs foundation repairs. In that case, the buyer should have the seller repair the foundation at the seller’s expense prior to close. If a buyer is considering purchasing an older home in a known foundation repair area (most of the Metroplex), buying the one house in the neighborhood that has not had foundation repairs yet simply means that odds are repairs are going to be necessary while the buyer owns the home. If a buyer purchased a 30-year-old home with the original roof, the original A/C and hasn’t had foundation problems yet, they need to plan on having three significant and costly repairs in the near future.

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