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The white color house with car shed at Euless, TX

Home Foundation Hazards List

Your home’s foundation can be subject to a number of hazards. Soil conditions can be affected by weather or even the pre-construction process of your home. If you spot trouble with your home’s foundation, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. for a free assessment and repair estimate.

Soil Moisture Content

Soil that is either too wet or too dry can lead to household foundation problems. As the soil absorbs water, it begins to expand and swell. If soil is dry, it more easily settles. Both of these phenomena can cause undue stress, uneven settling, and cracking of your home’s foundation long after your home was built. If the soil beneath and around your home was too wet or too dry during construction, this can also have effects on your foundation and cause more than the usual amount of settling.

Poor Pre-Construction Methods

During the pre-construction phase of your home, the soil should be tamped down sufficiently to prevent settling. Adequately tamped soil has been compacted enough to provide structural support to your home and its foundation. If soil tamping is inadequate, some areas beneath your home may continue to settle. This causes uneven settling, sloped floors, and structural cracks in your home and foundation. If construction materials are buried in the soil beneath or around your home, this can cause further soil settling. As these materials degrade, they cause voids in the soil that settle at an uneven and unpredictable rate.

Invasive Tree Roots

Foliage can also pose a threat to your home’s foundation. Invasive water-seeking roots can easily crack and penetrate your foundation. This can, in turn, lead to leaks and other moisture-related problems. If trees are placed too close to your home or your area is undergoing a drought, your foundation is at a higher risk for root damage.

If your home has suffered foundation damage, the experts at Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can help. We specialize in foundation repair using concrete or steel pressed pilings, installed in just one day. Check us out on the web or call 972-484-1200 for more details.