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Heavy raining is influence on the soil beneath at home Euless, TX
The Primary Cause of Foundation Problems

The resource that is relied on the most in the world just so happens to be the enemy to house foundations. That’s right, water is the main cause of foundation problems. Whether it be too much, or too little, practically every foundation issue has something to do with water. Why is this the case? Because water has the biggest influence on the soil beneath a home.

Too Much Water

An onslaught of water can cause the soil to expand. Expanding soil can cause a foundation to settle, or damage the structure. This does not necessarily mean a rainy April will doom your foundation, but it is a possibility. Ultimately, your home’s drainage system will make or break your foundation. As long as the plumbing is intact and sewers are properly located, your home should be fine.

The goal is to avoid significant amounts of water from settling in a concentrated area beneath the home. If this happens, the soil will expand in the specific area, while staying in place elsewhere. Thus, the imbalance will cause foundation issues.

Too Little Water

Too little water results in droughts, and droughts only. Of course, this can be a concern in Texas, especially throughout the summer months. A lack of water causes soil to shrink. Instead of a home’s imbalance being caused by expanded soil, a home’s imbalance would be caused by shrunken soil. Either way, your home is in trouble.

The threat of shrunken soil highlights the importance of proper sprinkling. Make sure you run your sprinkler system throughout the week. You don’t want to water too often, but your soil will need some sort of hydration to avoid shrinking.

Specific Causes
  • Rain: This natural occurrence cannot be avoided. Again, you just have to ensure your house’s drainage system is prepared to direct the precipitation away from the foundation.
  • Droughts: Don’t ignore your soil; keep it hydrated. Water your foundation!
  • Plumbing leaks: As you could imagine, a busted pipe below your home can cause serious and immediate foundation problems. Even a leak can cause problems over time if it is ignored. The result is, of course, expanded soil.
  • Poor construction: Much faith is placed in your home’s builders. Chances are you’re moving into a house instead of building one. But, if you’re having one built, be sure to hire credible builders that are willing to provide work samples and references. The reason being, the use of weak reinforcement materials in a foundation could cause issues shortly thereafter. If you are planning on moving into a home that is already built, be sure you hire someone to inspect the foundation before you seal the deal.

Caring for your foundation will save you a lot of money. Depending on the severity, repairing a foundation can cost well over $1,000. Refusing to repair a foundation, on the other hand, will make living conditions more difficult and will be a huge hindrance to the resale value of a home.

If your home has a foundation issue, Structured Foundation Repairs is here to help. Even if you are unsure if your home’s foundation is at risk, contact us to inspect it. We’ll complete an estimate, explain the problem, and execute the solution. Structured Foundation Repairs will get your foundation to stand up against the elements and last for a long time. Check out our blog for additional foundation facts and tips.

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