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The big crack in near to the door at Euless, TX

Are your home walls cracking?

No homeowner wants to see a crack in their wall. It’s an obvious bad look for one thing, but the meaning behind the crack could result in costly foundation repair. So, unless very minor, be sure to contact a foundation repair expert if/when you notice your walls cracking. If you would like some specifics regarding the severity of any cracks, please keep reading…

Cracks Indicating Foundation Repair

Here is what you need to watch out for:

  • Horizontal cracks
  • Cracks near door frames
  • Wide cracks
  • Unusually long cracks
  • Cracks everywhere

Cracks of the horizontal type or angled typed indicate foundation settling. Most likely, the foundation is pulling the house downward, against its will. Moreover, the house structure is trying to stay in place, but the foundation won’t let it.

If you see walls cracking around door frames then you are looking at an almost certain foundation problem. Foundation issues will show near framing before anywhere else. The reason being, the structural frames will lose shape if the foundation settles. A good tester for this potential problem is opening and closing the door. If it jams or sticks while opening/closing then the door frame has been compromised. Also, the problem can be highlighted if you notice any bit of separation or light seeping through the door and its frame.

Wide cracks are a clear concern. Any crack with a width greater than ¼ of an inch is unnatural and should, therefore, be looked at by a professional foundation company.

The same goes for long cracks and ample cracks throughout the home. Cracks may result from poor construction; however, that does not take away the likelihood of foundation issues. The home structure could suffer from imperfect construction, but there is also the chance that the foundation was not created correctly. Either way, something will have to be done as it’s unsafe to let the cracks worsen.

Understanding Foundation Settling

The idea of foundation problems can be confusing if you are not familiar. Please allow us to explain how it occurs…

Generally speaking, foundation issues come about in inconsistent weather climates. Climates that suffer hot summers and cold winters. Sound familiar?

Yes, Dallas, TX homes are often victimized by foundation settling because of the random weather. It’s not just temperature changes, it’s also alternating periods of rain and drought. Rain causes the soil beneath a home to expand while drought causes soil to contract. Constant expanding and contracting of soil can be very unhealthy to a foundation. It causes settling and settling causes wall cracks. Too much soil on one side of your home and too little soil on the other side can be problematic.

There are a number of foundation repairs available to a settling home. Certain foundation problems might even call for a new foundation. Don’t be alarmed, this does not mean tearing down your home and starting from the bottom again. Rather, a repair is known as piering essentially creates a new level. The structure stays in place, only the foundation is raised a few feet to separate it from the initial settling.

If you notice your walls cracking, give Structured Foundation Repairs a call at 972-484-1200. Even if it’s a small crack, it’s a good idea to have one of our experts come out to take a look. Small cracks can lead to larger cracks and it is best to catch potential foundation issues as early as possible. Give us a call and visit our website.

Also, for additional helpful foundation input, please visit our blog.