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French drain

French Drains a Simple Solution to your Drainage Problems

Groundwater traveling under your foundation can lead to a number of long-term issues. If you’re experiencing basement flooding, foundation damage, or rainwater drainage issues, then drainage correction may be the best solution for your home. One commonly used form of drainage correction is the French drain.

  • Design. French Drains are very simple solutions to your drainage problems. French drains are essentially trenches filled with gravel and perforated piping. Holes in the drainage pipe allow moisture in the ground to collect in the pipe and be carried away by gravity to a sump or to another part of the property or possibly to the street. This keeps water from traveling under your home’s foundation. Some properties are sufficiently protected with only one French drain, while others may require several.
  • Installation. French drains are used for drainage correction in a number of different scenarios. Shallow French drains can be used for diverting surface water that collects on your lawn. This keeps your lawn from becoming muddy and soggy. Deep French drains can be used for preventing foundation problems resulting from water entering the foundation’s walls. French drains can be used near your foundation to keep water from coming in contact with the foundation wall or it can collect groundwater before it travels under your concrete foundation.
  • Prevention. If you notice excess groundwater near your home or in your yard early enough, then drainage correction may help you avoid extensive repair to the foundation. French drain installation is sometimes used in conjunction with foundation repair when both heaving and settlement are occurring at different parts of the foundation.

To learn more about French drains and other drainage correction methods, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. We specialize in drainage correction as well as foundation repair methods, including mudjacking and pier and beam installation. For more information, visit Structured Foundation Repairs online or call 972-484-1200.