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Helpful Links About Dealing With Wet Basements

Wet basements and foundation problems go hand in hand. To learn more about identifying these problems, and how to correct them once you do, look to the following resources. For drainage correction and foundation repair services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. at 972-484-1200.

Moving water out and away from your basement, sump pumps add a layer of protection against water damage to your foundation. offers more information.

Wet basements raise the risk of mold and mildew contamination. Learn about these health hazards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Did you know that the average weight of a house is 50 tons? Find out more surprising foundation facts from This Old House.

Get informed on protecting your home’s foundation from moisture in this article.

Check out this guide to get a rundown on home foundations.